Nause: ‘Another You’

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Well this is quite the unexpected beauty. We all knew that Swedish house duo Nause were better than most at chucking out top notch dance tracks (check out their many contributions to the genre here). But a ballad? Could it be? Yes it is. And yes they can.

This week they uploaded a stunner of a sad love song to their Soundcloud page. ‘Another You’. A devastatingly beautiful track with a crushingly fragile female vocal trilling of the impossible task ahead of her, of replacing her loved one. Major sad face going on here. But then massive happy face that such a song actually exists. So it’s sort of a happy ending. For us anyway. Sorry love.

At two and a half minutes, we can’t help but allow our greedy side to take over, and wish that there was a bit more to it. But perhaps that would be asking too much of the lady to go on any further. And if Nause were gonna go and do a ballad, maybe their limit was two and a half minutes. But still – can you IMAGINE a five minute epic version of this gem!

“I gotta find another you”;


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