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A few weeks back we posted the new Anna Abreu single, ‘Music Everywhere’. It’s a frantically charged pop number, that couldn’t sound more 2009 if it tried. We pondered if it was the first single from her third album – and it is! Anna this week announced that her third album, ‘Just A Pretty Face?’ will be released on October 21st. Most excitingly of all, she’s divulged that it’s going to be a lot more dance orientated than her previous two albums. So far, the career path that Anna is treading is alarmingly similar to that of Agnes! Only a good thing is our eyes.

Like Agnes, Anna won Pop Idol, released two well received albums, and then decided to go to clubland for album number three! And the lead single from Agnes’ third album, ‘On and On’ put internet pop fans in a bit of a tizzy when it was first unveiled, much like Anna’s ‘Music Everywhere’ has. All good so far. And if ‘Just A Pretty Face?’ is even a fraction of the quality of ‘Dance! Love! Pop!’, well…’s safe to say we’re all in for a treat!

Here’s Anna singing ‘Music Everywhere’

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