Ms Trez: ‘Dollar Bill’

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Swedish girlband Ms Trez have just released their second EP ‘Dollar Bill’, following on from their top quality debut EP ‘Beat’s Our Guide’ from last year. And with it comes the lead single, also called ‘Dollar Bill’.

‘Tis an r&b flavoured pop jam. And that’s the sound of the whole EP actually (closing track – the mental dancepop ‘We Are Ms Trez’ – aside, that is), so ‘Dollar Bill’ is pretty indicative of where they are right now. It’s got a bit of the late 90s to it, as any self respecting r&b pop song in 2014 should have, in a weird way.


We have an enormous amount of affection towards these girls – thanks mainly to their sizable catalogue of Very Good pop tunes that they’ve released in the few years since they’ve been together. And all totally independent releases too. So despite admittedly being a little bit ERM and WTF about ‘Dollar Bill’, we’re featuring the song on here and hoping that the girls continue to do what they’re doing. Maybe just a little bit better than this next time around though. And in fairness to them – pretty much all of the songs from their new EP are probably better than the lead single. Odd choice.

‘Dollar Bill’ is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too.


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