More genius from Orion

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OrionOne of our favourite new electronia producers of 2012 has taken it upon himself to remix one of our favourite electronica tracks of 2012. Well hell yes! We’ll take that please.

‘Tis Orion, the man behind this cracking remix of ‘One Last Time’ by Agnes, and even better – his own single ‘In The End‘ from this summer. This time he’s put his impressive skills into remixing ‘Water Against The Rocks’ by FAYE. An incredible song in its own right. And he’s not tampered with it too much. Somehow though, he’s managed to give it an even sadder layer of emotion. That isn’t the world’s tiniest violin you hear playing – it’s strings for the heart strings.

He’s calling it Orion’s Slow Emotions mix, and he’s popped it onto his Soundcloud page for all to listen to;


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