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Earlier in the year we wrote about Sheri – a gorgeous new lady singer from Sweden who’d released ‘Hit N’ Run’ – an R&B tinged pop track that we liked very much indeed. It didn’t do massively well, but thankfully that hasn’t deterred her from trying again. She’s back with a new single, ‘First Sign’, which is much in the same mould as ‘Hit N’ Run’ – more R&B poppiness. Hmmm…..we like this a lot. The dramatic intro, the subtle beats that then turn into rock synths, the strings that back the chorus, the epic middle eight…… gets better with each listen! It didn’t blow us away at first, but the melody really does work its way into your head after a couple of listens. Give it a listen below – it’s worth watching the video for the HOT PECTORAL ACTION alone!

At the same time as ‘First Sign’ is being released in Sweden, she’s also releasing a single in Germany – a cover version of Sade’s ‘Smooth Operator’. We’re not TOO sure about this just yet though. But the video’s very sharp (below)! It looks like her label is putting a lot of effort into Sheri – so fingers crossed for more top quality original material from her soon.

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