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One of our favourite new electro discoveries of 2013 was the half Norwegian half British duo Meow. Sara Skjoldnes and Jamie Haj arrived with a bang in May with the incredible (Scandipop Award nominated) ‘Radio Silence‘. This was followed up in September with ‘Lion‘, another tune. And thus an exciting new pop outfit had cemented their status as such.

It had been silent for a while, but finally this week we got some new music from the pair. And not just one song either. Four new songs which ranged in quality from being quite brilliant to just quite good. We’ll take that thank you very much. Each one of them on the pop side of electropop. Two mid-tempo dreamy numbers (the better two of the four), and two more up-tempo songs with a few more audio explosions going on within the production. Both sides suit the duo well though, and it’s a nice relief to see that going into 2014, these two are still looking like they’ve got huge potential to be giving us lots of great new music throughout the year. We hope they stick around.

Here are the four new songs. We’ve put in order how amazing they are – top to bottom. Although really, there’s not that much between them all.

Betting On You


That’s How I Won The War


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