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jennie abrahamson

Let’s do another post about Jennie Abrahamson!

We’ve already had the video for her highly enjoyable current single, ‘Hard To Come By’, and now we’ve got a live performance of it, from SVT’s Go’Kväll last weekend. This is the third time we’ve written about the song, so there’s not much else we can say about it. Just that if you haven’t yet given it a chance, do so now!

On top of this, Jennie is also now offering up a free download of one of her songs. This is clearly the done thing in pop these days, and we love it. The song in question is called ‘Wolf Hour’, and we’ve already written about that one too (you can see a live performance of it here). This is the first time we’ve heard it in studio recording quality though, and we’re liking it even more as a result. Particularly its pretty middle eight section and the last chorus. Uplifting stuff.

You can stream it below, and click on the download arrow to claim your free mp3.

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