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Do you remember that brand new Danish popstrel that we scribed about last month, Cinnamon Girl? A refresher.

Well here comes a little bit more from her;

Firstly, a video has arrived for the track we wrote about last month, ‘Friends’. Don’t get TOO excited (not that you would!), as it’s about as low budget as they come. Still – a visual accompaniment to a song as genuinely brilliant as ‘Friends’ is noteworthy.

And secondly, here’s a new song from her – ‘Now I Know’. It’s less frantic than ‘Friends’ but still serves to cement the sound and style that Cinnamon Girl is forging for herself. It too comes with a video, and a higher budget one than that of ‘Friends’. Check out her impressive dancing skills during the first chorus. And the real life snake that moves (a little bit too much for our liking) and everything.


Now I Know

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