Molly Sandén: ‘Unchained’/’Mirage’

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Molly Sandén has today announced what the next single from her ‘Unchained’ album will be. She’s chosen TWO, and will be releasing both ‘Mirage’ and title track ‘Unchained’ as a good old fashioned double a-side single.

As we’ve said before, it’s a strong album, so it would be difficult to go wrong with the next single. Both songs that make up this double a-side are album favourites of ours (although our absolute favourite is still ‘A Little Forgiveness’). ‘Unchained is the more upbeat of the two – in sound and in lyrics. It’s a mid to up-tempo number heralding the virtues of the freedom she feels after the break of a relationship. And on the flipside of all that is ‘Mirage’ a darker yet blissfully melodic ballad about the downside of that break up.

The single is out now on iTunes worldwide. And if you live outside of Sweden, you can pick up the ‘Unchained’ album on CD from our online store here.

Have a listen to both songs below. ‘Unchained’ is written by Molly herself, along with Aleena Gibson and Anton Hård af Segerstad. And ‘Mirage’ by Peter Ries, Niklas Petterson, Lutz Weidensdörfer, and Jessy Philipp.


Unchained / Mirage - Single - Molly Sanden


Unchained / Mirage - Single - Molly Sanden



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