Mmm: ‘Dark Motion’

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Scandinavian girl duos doing highly listenable electronica. We’ve got lots. Icona Pop, Saint Lou Lou, Planet R, Rebecca & Fiona. Well now we’ve got a brand new one, this time coming from Norway. They’re called Mmm. But they actually don’t have all that much in common with the groups listed above, in terms of sound at least. If you were gonna compare them to anyone, we’d say that they probably fit in better with the likes of Sally Shapiro and Annie.

‘Dark Motion’ is their new single. It’s a dark shade of disco, with an eerie air of electronica. The production is the best thing about all of this. There’s a lot going on. But it’s all magical.

More from Mmm. And this is ‘Dark Motion’ (released outside of their native Norway too, you’ll be pleased to learn);

Dark Motion - Single - Mmm



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