The brilliant ‘Push Play’ by Miriam Bryant has just this week had a remix EP released.

Here’s what we wrote about the original last month. There are two remixes on the new EP, and you can listen to both below. They’re both pretty good, but we do have a favourite. It’s the Salvatore Ganacci remix.

He’s cleverly taken the best bit of the original (the instrumental post-chorus) and used that as the basis of his mix. So it’s that amazing piece of music dance-ified, and repeated throughout, with Miriam’s top-line over it. It’s early days readers, but this might be a case of even-better-than-the-original.

What’s more, it’s 5 minutes long. So it’s longer than a radio edit, but shorter than a club edit. In other words, it’s pretty damn perfect – and we’re a little bit in love with it, have been all week. We didn’t really think that ‘Push Play’ needed a kick up the arse, but now that it’s happened, well colour us black, blue, and happy.

Salvatore Ganacci remix

Filip Jenven & Mike Perry mix

Push Play (Remixes) - Single - Miriam Bryant


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