After a (much too) lengthy absence from music, Swedish pop singer Mimi Oh returned last week with a brand new single. It’s ‘Skvaller’, and you can take a listen to it below.

It’s a song that is perfectly suited to fans of Mimi Oh songs. Retro flavoured electropop with a memorable chorus. As is her way. It’s a light hearted look at the habit of gossiping, and it’s got a chorus melody that plays up to that quite knowingly – a childish, almost nursery rhyme-esque sing-song. Very clever.

In her own words (and she wrote the song herself, too); “It’s a summer tune with energy and a lot of drums, a new sound from me but still electronic catchy pop. The lyrics are about how we humans love to gossip but still have a very hard time delivering it to the person in context”.

It’s good to have this lady back. She tells us that she’s loving making music again, and will be releasing more songs herself following on from this – as and when she feels like it. So it’s goodbye to record label release constraints. And amen to that.

‘Skvaller’ is out now on Spotify and iTunes worldwide.

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