Mimi Oh: ‘Om Sanningen Ska Fram’

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261550 215621415148812 120105871367034 691283 6443843 nRemember that Mimi Oh lass that we scribed about a couple of months back? The one that looks, sounds, and acts like she’s in the 80’s (in a good way, and intentionally, we might add!)? Well she’s popped up again, parading her most genius notion of novelty yet.

She’s gone and done an answer record to THE biggest hit of the year so far in Sweden – Eric Amarillo’s ‘Om Sanningen Ska Fram’. Altering some of the lyrics, and changing the production to more fit her 80’s-esque charms, to our ears it’s a hugely welcome variation on what is no doubt going to be a future sommarpl├ąga classic in Sweden. It’s as sweet as the lady herself – very. Not an improvement on the original, of course no. But when grillfests up and down the country get tired of playing Eric in years to come, they could do worse than pop this on in its place.

One gripe though, her hard work and efforts in uploading it to youtube to give the world a listen haven’t quite paid off yet. Yes we know she only premiered less than a week ago, but still – it deserves to be on a lot more than just over 300 plays right now. Come on everybody, let’s spread the word.

Actually we think Mimi Oh could have been a bit more cheeky with this. She should have made up a little white lie to say that Eric Amarillo’s song wasn’t his at all, and that he’d in fact stolen her unknown original that she’d recorded back in the 80’s – presenting this production as her proof! Just to see how far she’d get with it, on a viral level. Probably not VERY far, but it certainly would have ramped up her youtube plays.

Mimi Oh, we salute you for this…

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