Mimi Oh – LIVE!


The perennially lovely Mimi Oh invited us to the release party for her new single ‘Festen Som Vi Hatar Imorrn’ a few weeks back.

The single, which you can read about here, has as time progresses, become our absolute number 1 favourite song of hers. No faint praise when you consider how good ‘Det Går För Långsamt’ was. And ‘Säkerhetsnål’ for that matter.

Well thankfully she treated the crowd to a performance of all three of those songs, plus her single from 2011, ‘Kom Hit Och Dansa’. That probably doesn’t sound very exciting to you, since you weren’t there. However we do believe your ears will (or at least, should) prick up when we tell you that the gig was filmed, the performance of the new single has been uploaded to YouTube, and thus you can watch below.

Here you go;

Festen som vi hatar imorrn - Single - Mimi Oh



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