Well. When a popstar from the same team behind Tone Damli, Adelén, Ask Embla, and Elisabeth Carew is launched – you listen.

So when we heard that Eccentric Music had presented new Norwegian (well, half Norwegian and half Australian) pop chap Mileo and his debut single ‘Echo’, we listened. And you should too.

‘Echo’ is a dancepop track that sounds a bit more dance than it does pop. Basically it sounds like the first single of a new dance producer than it does the launch of a new boy popstar. But that’s no bad thing. And despite all of this, the element that shines the most when you listen to ‘Echo’, is Mileo’s singing voice. It’s a lot more mature than his youthful looks suggest, and it’s a smooth vocal that sounds like it could lend itself easily to any genre. So thus heralds the arrival of a new popstar with a great deal of potential.

Even before you consider who he’s working with, on the strength of the vocal alone we’re looking forward to hearing more from this guy.

‘Echo’ is out now is Scandinavia only so far, but below you can listen to most of the song, paired with some studio footage of him.



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