Michael Casado – masters the mash-up!

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Here at scandipop we do LOVE a GOOD mash-up when it’s done VERY well!

They’re tricky little buggers to get right, as is evidenced by the large volume of unlistenable crap mash-ups that exist on You Tube and on the internet in general. But when they’re done by someone with a great ear for music, they can sound amazing, and shed a whole new light and level of appreciation upon two songs that you already know and love.

Swedish gent Michael Casado is one such man with a great ear for music. We’ve already written about his talent for maneuvering knobs in such a way as to cause ecstatic delight and to conceive new sonic spawn, here and here. And so perhaps knowing our appreciation for a jolly good mash-up, he got in touch with us last Friday to present his latest pair of production pieces. Both scandipop flavoured, of course.

The first is September’s ‘Mikrofonkåt’ set to Swedish House Mafia’s ‘One’. And it’s jaw droppingly, pant wettingly, and ball achingly good. If you’re in any doubt of this during the first minute and sixteen seconds, the 01.17 mark soon puts an end to such concerns. And he also manages to sneak in a quick “jag är kåt” vocal from September – the cheeky scamp! The next is Ace of Base’s recording of ‘Cruel Summer’ layered over the Wolfgang Gartner remix of Tiesto’s ‘I Will Be Here’.

And as a bonus, Michael has also gone to the trouble of merging some visuals of each of the pairs of tracks. And that’s always appreciated on a You Tube mash-up. So we get to see September wow Lil Babs while performing to a backdrop of that freaky Swedish House Mafia video. And we get Ace of Base frolicing around amongst the set of Tiesto’s generic turn of the millennium eurodance video shoot. Even Linn gets to make an appearance, despite being at the height of her “don’t look at me, I’m shy” phase! It’s all very impressive.

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