mi lajki feat. Le Kid: ‘Superficial’

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Well today brought with it a nice surprise. Some new music from Le Kid!

To be precise, the lyrics were written by Le Kid, and the vocals are provided by Johanna and Helena from Le Kid. But we’ll take what we can get.

It’s ‘Superficial’! We don’t know ANYTHING about this mi lajki outfit that’s behind the music (apart from the fact that we like-y the name). But this Facebook page suggests that the whole thing is a project so much about style and fashion as it is about music – which would match the song title too of course. That link also houses some nice images of our Le Kid heroines too.

But what of the music? Well it’s not a million miles away from Le Kid really – it’s of the same genre anyway. The electronica and synths are a lot darker though. If ‘Oh Alright’ was an album of candy coated uppers, ‘Superficial’ sees Le Kid pop a few downers the next day, to chill-out somewhat.


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