Meow: ‘Magnetic’

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We’ve been writing about these two so much over the past year or so, it seems. But then every time they’ve put out a new song, it just commands and deserves as much attention amongst pop fans as possible, so we absolutely HAVE to keep scribing of their wares. And today we get the latest and greatest from Norwegian/British hybrid duo Meow. It’s ‘Magnetic’.

This time around they’ve gone for something that wouldn’t sound out of place on any one of Kylie’s last five albums. Well, probably not ‘Body Language’, but anything else would have housed this just fine. So once again ‘Body Language’ lets the side down. ‘Magnetic’ is a heavy dose of clever synth pop dressed up and paraded as frivolous, throwaway dance floor fodder. What Meow have done differently from the Antipodean popstrel though, is replace a more traditional chorus with a frenzied instrumental disco banger of a chorus instead. Yep, that works for us. We’ll take it. Thank you.

These guys are becoming almost unfeasibly amazing. God bless ‘em.


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