Melodifestivalen Heat 3: The Songs

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It’s that time of the week again – SVT have uploaded one minute clips of the songs competing in this Saturday’s Melodifestivalen.


We had a bit of an odd attitude approaching this Heat – basically, we LOVE Velvet, want her to qualify to either the final or the second chance round – and so, we didn’t want to think about the other songs too much. As far as we’re concerned, it’ll be BWO, EMD, and Molly Sanden that take the top three places, leaving our Velvet to fight it out with the other four for that fourth and final ticket out of this heat. And so we didn’t want those other songs to be TOO good!


And are they any good? Well ‘Alla’ by Sofia is our favourite of The Others. It’s a sort of r&b/pop tinged rock track! It doesn’t really know what genre it is, but it sounds like it’s having fun trying to figure it out. And it has a chanty, repetitive part in the chorus which ALWAYS makes a pop song sound better. We don’t think it’ll be a threat to Lady V though. That threat could come in the form of Mikael Rickfors. ‘Du Vinner Over Mig’ is uplifting, uptempo schlager rock – with an addictive guitar riff running through it. It’s got a lot of energy in it and that should see it stand out alongside the ballads of Molly Sanden and BWO. And finally there’s Maja Gullstrand and Rigo – which are so far our least favourite songs of Melodifestivalen this year. But, obviously that could change when we hear the full songs and see the performances. We don’t hold much hope though.


Molly Sanden probably has the best song in the heat, EMD’s track is far more uptempo (and a lot better) than we were expecting, and BWO’s is rather beautiful – it’s yet to grow on us, but everyone else on the internet seems to like it.


And what of The Queen Vee herself?! Well the song is the kind of thing we wanted from her – dance backing track, catchy chorus, and the defiant lyrics that befit such a tryer as Velvet! However, we’re not expecting it to qualify. Not for lack of quality, just for the popularity of other acts in the competition, and the individuality of other songs. We’re really looking forward to the performance though – largely because of this picture that was released from rehearsals;


IMG 6755

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