Melodifestivalen 2020: The Heat 1 Result!

So who did Felix Sandman take into the final with him? Erm…
OMG what happened? What’s supposed to happen – for once, Sweden voted the best two songs into the final, and no one breezed through on name or fanbase alone. It doesn’t happen often enough.
What was wrong with Felix’s song? Absolutely nothing, it’s a superb tune. It was our third fave of the night, and evidently Sweden’s too. Which means he had to settle for a place in Andra Chansen, just like he did last time he competed. The song itself, ‘Boys With Emotions’, is sounding great on record today (it’s already on Spotify), and the staging was the scene stealer of the night. But was the staging right for the song? Possibly not. And was a song so downbeat and purposefully subtle and held-back right for such a song contest? We’ll have to wait until Andra Chansen and (probably) the final to find out. But he’s not to be counted out. He came a close second in the final the last time he had to make his way through Andra Chansen, and the song now has a whole four weeks to worm its way into the ears of Sweden. Which, we can well see happening.
So who went to the final? The Mamas brought pretty much 85% of all of the fun, the joy, and the posivtivity that was displayed on the stage over the seven songs last night, with their performance of ‘Move’, and were thankfully rewarded with a ticket to the final. Robin Bengtsson, meanwhile, delivered a song that we think is actually even better than the one he won with three years ago, and as a result, he got straight through to the final also. Vocally, he sounded nowhere near his best, though. But he’s got plenty of time to sort out whatever needs to be sorted out on that front.
And who joined Felix in Andra Chansen? Malou Prytz with a song that we really do like the sound of on record, but which was jarringly overwrought when presented live. Not sure we have any desire to ever see that again, but we will, in four weeks’ time.
And out? Sonja Aldén gave a majestic performance of a classic schlager ballad – delivering it like she’d just won the whole thing, such is the absolute star that she is. What a trooper. But she could only manage a 5th place finish. Wjat a shame. OVÖ looked very happy to be there with a rather forgettable song, and finish in 6th. Suzi P, meanwhile, looked absolutely horrified to be there with a much better song, and as a result, failed to sell any of it, and finished dead last. Never could we have imagined a song called ‘Moves’ to be performed with such few, well, moves.
How were the hosts? An excellent combination of the type of star quality that this show needs (Lina Hedlund), a detached comedy bewilderment (David Sundin) and a relatable calmness that brings the viewer into everything that’s going on (Linnea Henriksson). All three filled their roles brilliantly.
Anything else? The interval! Always the interval. This week we were treated to nostalgia from Jan Johansen, Lili & Susie and, believe it or not, Sean Banan. Make of that selection what you will, but to us we had one main takeaway. Lili & Susie & Lina may well have been the greatest trio to take to the Melodifestivalen stage since Andreas & Tess & Lina.

You can find all of last night’s performances (aside from the top two, which won’t be released until after Heat 4) over on SVT’s Melodifestivalen YouTube channel.

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