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Heat 4! Do we have a clear winner now? On the contrary, Heat 4 actually made it so that this year’s contest is wide open. While she still could win with it, Mariette’s ‘For You’ wasn’t the ‘obvious’ winner that all of us were expecting. She’s through to the final. But it’ll be an exciting night two weeks from now, with many of the final line-up so far, in contention for the win. And even one of the Andra Chansen lot possibly.
Who joined her in the final? That’ll be comedy act Rolandz. A pastiche of a dansband. Taking the final slot ahead of five young artists. Even Rolandz looked surprised when they found out the result. Though quickly got into character a few seconds later. Cos that’s what this is for them.
And heading to Andra Chansen? Olivia Eliasson with the modern pop bop that is ‘Never Learn’, and Felix Sandman with his ballad ‘Every Single Day’. Interestingly (given that he’s also a boyband member going solo), his song sounded worthy of either Harry Style or Niall Horan’s recent output. Certainly something they could have a big UK hit with. And his place in the final is probably quite secure at this point.
Who crashed out of the heat? Elias Abbas finished in 5th, and looked devastated about it. Though not as uncomfortable as he did performing his song ‘Mitt Paradis’. A great track unfortunately ruined by an under-confident performance. He did lucky to finish as high as 5th. Emmi Christenssen and Felicia Olsson finished in 6th and 7th respectively – with two songs that we’ll be listening to a lot more than Rolandz. And potentially even the other finalist of the night too.
Anything else of note? The quality of the show, the script, and the hosting is so underwhelming this year that we’ve just stopped looking when the songs aren’t on. Glancing at the screen only when we hear Fab Freddie’s come back on. These are dark times. Though thankfully we’ve still got the songs. check back here tomorrow for your full guide to Andra Chansen. The duels, the performances, the stats!

You can watch all of the the performances over on SVT’s YouTube channel.

AND you can now watch all four heats again over on SVT Play. They’ll be up there for a month.

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