Melodifestivalen 2017: Your Guide to Heat 2!

You can catch up with what happened in Heat 1 of Melodifestivalen right here, but now we move on to Heat 2.

Like last week, we have an artist who has already won Melodifestivalen twice – though he’ll be hoping to fare better than Lady Perrelli did on Saturday night. We also have two artists who are returning for the second time – having both gone direct to the final with their first entries. And we have four newcomers – one of whom has already built up a respectable recording and writing career outside of the contest, and is fancied to do very well here too.

One minute clips of the songs are now available to stream on SVT. And they’re also gradually updating 30 second clips of the rehearsals too. And here is your guide on what to expect from Heat 2 of Melodifestivalen 2017. The artists, the songs, and the order in which they’ll be performing on the night;


Mariette – A Million Years
(Thomas G:son, Johanna Jansson, Peter Boström, Mariette Hansson, Jenny Hansson)
After finishing third in 2015 with the spectacular ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, Mariette is a welcome prospect to see returning to the contest. She’s kept her head above water with the songs she’s released since then – in terms of quality anyway, rather than commercial success. So we’d be very surprised to see her return with anything less than a solid eight out of ten. And like Ace in Heat 1, she’s bringing with her the almighty pairing of G:Son and Boström. There has been a lot of talk in Melodifestivalen circles from those who have heard the songs already, that ‘A Million Years’ is the entry to beat this year…..


Roger Pontare – Himmel och Hav
(Thomas G:son, Alexzandra Wickman)
The Melodifestivalen 2000 winner returns to the contest with a song that he is describing as an ethnic hymn with a symphonic arrangement – akin to a film’s theme music. An interesting hybrid for a contest like this, but it’s cool to see him compete again.


Etzia – Up
(Johnny Sanchez, Hanif Sabzevari, Simon Gribbe, Erica Haylett)
This lady has been around since the start of the decade, as a dancehall and reggae artist. And she’s confirmed that ‘Up’ will be in the same vein, if a little more pop. An up-tempo number has been promised, with a dance show to accompany it.


Allyawan – Vart Haru Varit
(Masse Salazar, Samuel Nazari)
Most known recently from the TV4 programme Lyckliga Gatan, though Allyawan has been releasing down-tempo hip-hop music in Swedish for most of the decade. He’s co-written his song with one of the most iconic names on the Swedish hip-hop scene – Masse Salazar. And both will surely be calling upon their armies of followers to vote. If said followers are going to be watching Melodifestivalen, that is….


Dismissed – Hearts Align
(Ola Salo, Peter Kvint)
One of the most exciting songwriting teams in the contest this year – the former frontman of The Ark teams up with the gent who co-wrote most of Darin’s last album. And together they contribute a song to a relatively new rock band, who are already gaining notoriety for their memorable live shows, and striking visuals. Live shows…..visuals….they’re picked the right outlet to showcase themselves here then!


Lisa Ajax – I Don’t Give A
(Ola Svensson, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb, Anton Hård af Segerstad)
Popstar Ola teams up with the writing team behind MZW’s ‘Heroes’, plus Lisa’s own Melodifestivalen entry from last year ‘My Heart Wants Me Dead’. Lisa Ajax would ordinarily be a dead cert for the final (she even polled more votes than Oscar Zia in their heat together last year), but Mariette and Benjamin Ingrosso also have their eyes on that prize as well. At November’s press conference Lisa confirmed that her song is catchy af, and just as strong as its predecessor last year.


Benjamin Ingrosso – Good Lovin’
(Benjamin Ingrosso, Louis Schoorl, Matt Pardon)
One of our favourite new artists of the last twelve months (as with most of the acts in the line-up, use the search bar on the top-right of the page to see what they’ve done before), Benjamin has been consistent in releasing big tune after big tune. And he’s also been lending his songwriting skills to other artists too. It’s heartening that he’s here given that he really doesn’t need to be. And so we reckon he’ll be an obvious finalist. He describes ‘Good Lovin’ as a break-up song, and about the longing of needing to feel some good loving again. That sound you hear is tens of thousands of girls swoonsomely tapping their phones to vote for him.


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