Melodifestivalen 2017 – Full Voting Figures and Analysis

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After Robin Bengtsson’s win on Saturday night, SVT have this morning released the full and final voting figures for all six weeks of this year’s Meodifestivalen.

You can read SVT’s break down of the results (in Swedish) right here, and view The Almighty PDF of Stats right here. But below is our breakdown of the four heats, Andra Chansen, and the final.

The excitement of the results on each of the night, barely covers it. With the revelation that some artists lost out on a place in the final or Andra Chansen by less than 1% of the vote. And with Roger Pontare losing out on contest progression by 13.80% to Dismissed’s 13.85%. Horrifically low margins. But incredible scenes.

Here’s how each of the rounds played out;

(When we refer to app votes we mean the first round of voting, and when we say televote that’s the second round of voting, when the phone vote is introduced. The second round of voting can occasionally feature app votes too – if the voter hasn’t already used them in the first round. EASY!!!) 

Nano won the heat comfortably with 20.71% of the vote, with Ace Wilder coming second with 18.74% of the vote – just ahead of Boris Rene’s 17.31% (with Boris actually getting more phone votes than Ace, but less app votes). Dinah Nah and De Vet Du were pretty close on phone votes for the second Andra Chansen slot – but De Vet Du zoomed ahead on app votes during their performance. And surprisingly, Charlotte Perrelli wasn’t in last place by an absolute mile – she finished in 7th on 7.02% of the vote, to Adrijana’s 7.15%.

Things were very close at the top of the score board between three songs – as we all thought it would be. Lisa Ajax, actually got more app votes than Benjamin Ingrosso, but fell behind on phone votes. And in the end it was her 19.25% of the vote, to his 19.68% of the vote that saw her have to settle for Andra Chansen. Mariette didn’t fare all that much better than Benjamin really – scoring less than a percentage point more than him on 20.25%. The second Andra Chansen place was just as closely fought. With Roger Pontare getting more app votes than Dismissed, but less phone votes – and polling 13.80% to their 13.85%. Etzia and Allyawan fought another close battle for last place, with Allyawan getting it with 6.43% and Etzia avoiding it with 6.74%. And frankly you’re all as deaf as Allyawan is tone deaf, for not awarding Etzia’s ‘Up’ more points. The shame.

Robin Bengtsson got himself a comfortable win, on 17.99% of the vote in the third heat. With Owe Thörnqvist coming second on 16.77%. But the three songs battling for the two Andra Chansen places had a very close fight. In the end, FO&O polled 15.92%, Anton Hagman 15.36%, and Bella & Filippa 15.13%. And FO&O and Anton Hagman actually scored more app votes than Owe. However, Owe had a late surge on phone votes – in the end earning more telephone votes than anyone else in the entire four heats. Jasmine Kara and Krista Siegfrids earned their places quite fairly on 11.73% and 7.11% respectively.

Are you guys ready for this? Loreen actually scored more phone votes than anyone else in this heat. But lost out on a place in the final thanks to comparatively low app votes during her performance. People being too busy taking in the ART that was happening on stage? Perhaps. Wiktoria and Jon Henrik nabbed their final places on 21.73% and 18.57% respectively – leaving Loreen in Andra Chansen with 17.68%. Axel Schylström’s place in Andra Chansen was almost denied by Alice, who polled 14.64% of the vote to his 14.81%. Les Gordons fell way behind on 8.12%, and Sara Varga & Juha Mulari polled the lowest votes of the year, and the lowest vote percentage – 4.45%. Deservedly so, we’d say.

The closest duel was Lisa vs Axel – with Lisa only managing a mere 50.15% margin. The absolute horror of her almost not making the final, after being so close to qualifying DIREKT from her heat. Anton Hagman beat Loreen with 53.30% of the vote, and FO&O triumphed over De Vet Du on 53.02%. Boris Rene was the big winner of Andra Chansen though – not only scoring the biggest margin of 63.61%, but also the most number of votes. He earned well over a million. And we clearly underestimated the popularity of that song….

We all saw on Saturday just how close the phone vote was from the public, but Nano’s lead was actually quite big – over 150,000 phone votes more than Wiktoria, and almost 200,00 more than Robin Bengtsson. But after them three and Jon Henrik & Aninia, there really wasn’t much in it between the other eight songs. At all. Like, hardly anything. Make of all that what you will.

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