Melodifestivalen 2012: Our chat with Andreas Lundstedt!

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When Swedish pop giants Alcazar announced their intentions to take an extended break earlier this year, we expected that we might see at least one of them competing in Melodifestivalen 2012 as they prepare to launch their solo careers again. And sure enough, at Monday’s press conference, Andreas Lundstedt was revealed as the artist who would be performing ‘Aldrig Aldrig’. The song has been composed by Niclas Lundin, Maria Marcus, and Randy Goodrum.

Natch, we asked Andreas if we could have a quick natter with him about the song and about what it’s like to be back in the contest. And the gentleman obliged;


scandipop: Hi Andreas! Nice to be back amongst all of this?

Andreas: It’s crazy already. It’s terrifying.

scandipop: Really?! I thought you’d be used to it by now.

Andreas: No, it gets worse and worse every year, ha ha! I mean – I’m so excited. I can’t wait. I love this. But at the same time it’s…I don’t know. I think maybe it comes with age as well. You don’t take anything for granted.

scandipop: Ok. I’m guessing it’s not the actual getting out there and performing that you’re scared of. It’s perhaps more the fact that in recent years especially, the press have taken on a bit of a bad attitude towards the contest, and what they write about it each week.

Andreas: Exactly, that’s right. Yeah, exactly. And you really just wanna focus on the main thing, which is the competition. And the music.

scandipop: And can you tell us about the music?

Andreas: The song is called ‘Aldrig Aldrig’, which means never never. Very happy, ha ha! No, it’s actually about a break-up. When you move forward in life. You can interpret it the way you want – so it can be a lover, or a job, or…..a group! Who knows?!

scandipop: Ah, and do you think it might be interpreted as that? Breaking up with a group?

Andreas: Mmmmmmmmmmmmaybe! So yeah, it’s about all of those feelings and also the feelings you go through when you move forward. When you miss it, then when you love your freedom, then when you hate your freedom, then when you’re scared, and at the same time you feel strong. All of this. Which I think a lot of people can relate to. So it’s very bittersweet, but it’s a uptempo song. It’s pop!

scandipop: That sounds like quite an interesting song. My grasp of Swedish isn’t quite there yet, but I’m hoping I’ll understand most of it.

Andreas: Oh you will, it’s very easy. It’s very…..right through you.

scandipop: Ok. And so what’s ready to go after the contest? Have you got plans for an album, an EP, more singles?

Andreas: It’s supposed to be an album, but I don’t think it’s going to be ready for the festival. Maybe the summer, or next fall. But it’s gonna be a Swedish language pop album.

scandipop: Ok, cool. Well look, it’s nice to have you back. And good luck!

Andreas: Thank you, and it’s nice to be back!

(Photo credit, Peter Knutson)

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