Melodifestivalen 2012: Our chat with Afro-Dite

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At yesterday’s Melodifestivalen press conference at SVT’s HQ, we were able to have a natter with some of the artists who had just been announced as performing in the 2012 competition.

Not all the artists though, just the folk that we were interested in! Naturally, the first competitors we made a beeline for were Afro-Dite! The returning champions are most famous for their partaking in Melodifestivalen ten years ago in 2002, when they won the competition with ‘Never Let It Go’. Now they’re back with ‘The Boy Can Dance’ – written by Figge Boström, Johan Lindman, and Catrine Loqvist.

Now we’re not ones to judge a book by its fabulous cover and get overly excited about it – but C’MON – this is clearly going to be disco schlager of the bestest kind and we’re gonna fucking love it!

Over to you ladies;


scandipop: Welcome back Afro-Dite!

Afro-Dite: Thank YOOOUUUU!!!

scandipop: I’m guessing this is all to mark the tenth anniversary of your win, back in 2002, right?

Afro-Dite: It is, yeah. We’ve been saving ourselves for this and we’re definitely ready and able!

scandipop: And can you tell us a little bit about the song, ‘The Boy Can Dance’? What’s it like?

Afro-Dite: Well if you enjoyed ‘Never Let It Go’, then you won’t be disappointed.

scandipop: Ah – so disco, schlager with a generous helping of attitude?

Afro-Dite: Definitely. And there’s lots of happiness and energy in it too. It’s very us. A real Afro-Dite song.

scandipop: Ok. So of course you’re gonna be focusing on the competition and on ‘The Boy Can Dance’, but now that you’re back together again, can we hope for and expect more new music from you too?

Afro-Dite: Yes, definitely. We’ve been working on it. Actually we have a lot of plans……

scandipop: ….. any that can be revealed now….?!

Afro-Dite: Haha, not yet. I don’t think we can just yet! But we’re definitely in it to stay, we can tell you that. You’ll see us for the rest of 2012 after the competition too. Lots of things.

scandipop: Will there be a single before the contest starts? In December or January perhaps?

Afro-Dite: Well this has all gone really quite fast actually, so we haven’t really had the time to sit down and decide all of that yet.

scandipop: I suppose all the planning starts now really!

Afro-Dite: Exactly. Plus for now, we really do have to focus on the competition too.

scandipop: Well thanks for your time girls, and good luck with everything.

Afro-Dite: Thank you so much.

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