Melodifestivalen 2011: The Linda Sonnvik blog!

Here’s the latest blog from Linda Sonnvik, the lovely co-writer of Dilba’s entry to Melodifestivalen 2011, ‘Try Again’, about her preperations for the contest;

Hello my dear readers,

I hope you’re not to stressed by preparing for Christmas, but can enjoy
the holidays coming up. I love this time of the year. The twinkling
lights, the cheesy X-mas music, the happy people.. Come to think of it,
Christmas is a bit like Melodifestivalen!

Where was I in the latest blog… Right, I had found out I was competing
in Melodifestivalen 2011. So we knew that “Try Again” was in
Melodifestivalen at a very early stage. There was more than a month from
when I signed the papers with SVT of not telling people. That’s a tricky
thing, when people are asking you what you’re up to and especially not
telling my sweet friends. Instead I put the energy that the good news had given me into making some hot music.

The same day it was announced to the media (long before the
press conference) that Dilba was entering “Mello”, work also started. I
had tried to prepare but didn’t know quite how massive the interest would be. People phoned me as a songwriter but also as the contact person for Dilba, since she had not signed her record deal yet. It was insane, the phone rang and the mailbox was full. One of the things SVT and I had a great laugh about later was one of the newspapers making a full 1-page article about SVT’s so-called fear that Dilba would make a PR stunt for store Rusta (the chain store she has written a TV commercial soundtrack for), such as wearing something from them on stage. Rusta sell like garden equipment and bathroom cabinets, yeah that is juuust the kind of glamour we’re aiming for to her stage appearance, haha! And on the subject of stage clothes, we are making plans, believe me… Glam! Show! Perfection! But naaah, I won’t tell, what fun would that be?


Now the next step was to find the very best possible people to work with,
the people I now call “Team Dilba”. The label (X5), the press agent
(Biggis) and other key persons. Also, Dilba started to focus on writing
songs for the album to follow. It sounds awesome, by the way! I’ll dance
myself dizzy to that album this summer, I’m telling you.

When it was time for the press conference at SVT I felt relaxed, the
songbird herself is used to commotion after 15 years in the music industry
and that’s calming for me of course.



At the press conference the most common question of course was, “what does the song sound like?”. Dilba, being a professional poker player, kept a straight face telling reporters that “Try Again” was a folk-rock-ballad.
Unfortunately my poker face isn’t as good as hers so I ruined everything cracking up. What can I say Dilbis, “I’m Sorry!”…

Next we were off to make the artist presentation, you know that clip that
will be shown just before the songs are performed. Since SVT has made it
official I can tell you it’s like a police interrogation. The artists are
improvising without a script, at least Dilba was. I loved the actors by the way! We also did a presentation for the SVT web site (where I think you will see a lot of the private side of Dilba, at least I had a couple of good laughs) and then a couple of photo shoots, radio interviews, the works…

And then of course we have had meetings at the record label and with the
choreographer and I’ve been looking for the right clothes and the right
people for this and that. There are so many pieces in this puzzle. I was
told being in Melodifestivalen is like being in one giant bubble. That’s
true. I eat, sleep and breathe “Mello”. And since it’s my first time I
learn something new all the time.

And yes, I make sure to be a bit more glam than usual!:
– I drink champagne
…Actually it’s Dilba who’s not even that into alcohol who’s pouring it
for me – I even had some in between official work, haha!
– I wear clothes in bright colours
…Have you guys seen my winter leather jacket, more known as “the
Melodifestival jacket”..? It’s green. VERY green.
– I frequently play the “Festival Theme” by The Attic on my Spotify.
…And usually I dance like a mad person to it when nobody’s watching.

Have yourself a happy Christmas everybody!!

Love, joy & glitter confetti

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