Melodifestivalen 2011: The Le Kid blog!

Melodifestivalen 2011 kicks off in three weeks.


Here, Le Kid tell us how preparations are going with their entry, ‘Oh My God’;

It’s getting closer!

Since last we posted, sometime last year (it’s all a blur), much has occurred. We thought about telling you all, but agreed that the excitement would not be good for you.

The number for Oh My God is slowly coming together!

For two days we rehearsed the number together with Rennie from SVT, and it feels fantabulicious! The bad thing with megalomania is that you always overdo things, just as we have done now. The good thing is that, honestly.. Can a number in Melodifestivalen really be overdone?

SVT is kinda like our mother. But she ought to take some classes in parenting, because she’s spoiling us. We come up with an idea, and they say “Nooo, that’s just silly” or “Do you really think that’s a good idea?”. But then we look at them with big, sad puppy eyes, and they cant say no.

If for some reason they say no anyway, we just scream until they let us have what we want! Works every time! SVT, you’re the best mom… EVER!

The hardest part really, is to not see this as a competition. Because if we do, we might just chicken out and do what we hope would appeal to everyone, probably ending up with a generic, boring number. So we try seeing this as any other gig, with the difference that we can ask for more stuff, and the people in charge actually gives it to us.

So… Spoilers… We’re really bad at telling you stuff in advance, because then it won’t be as much of a surprise. But if you read this far, the least we can do is give you a few pic of what we’re doing, isn’t it?



Le Kid

PS. We are now officially “praised around the World”! Not bad!


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