Melodifestivalen 2011: The first press feedback of the first 8 songs…

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The Schlagerprofil boys were at the press conference in Luleå this evening, in which the eight songs competing in this weekend’s first Melodifestivalen heat were presented to the press for the first time.

They updated their twitter with their thoughts. And here’s what they said;

First out: Dilba! Fantastic dancepop with The Attic/Therese-feeling. Strong start! Party! Kylie would love this.

Next out: Swingfly! Do you know Teddybears? The guys who work with Robyn sometimes? This is like a party with them.

I like Swingfly a lot. And I LOVE Dilba. But my MF-experience tells me they won’t be fighting it out in the top on Saturday unfortunately 🙁

Now Jenny Silver. Oh. My. ABBA God. This is soooo far from last year they don’t live in the same universe.

Think “As Good As New” marrying Charlotte Perrelli and going on a honeymoon to Skara… And winning MGP meanwhile.

Webjoker-Jonas is a dangerous contrast. His guy-with-a-guitar-image might be favoured by the people hating Jenny’s old school schlager.

My darlings in Le Kid are as fantastic as I want them. Motown-meets-Mercy Mercy with a gluelike Oh oh oh oh-chorus!

Rasmus Viberg is Fairytale meeting Manboy…or something like that. Like it. Am I on schlagerspeed or is everything good?

Pernilla Andersson sounds just as expected if you listened to her previously. Countryish pop with Swedish lyrics.

I like Pernilla a lot. And she will definitely have her fans come Saturday.

Last out: Danny! Hardcore dance beats! The chorus is just the name of the song over and over. Very cool. To cool?

Interesting! Particularly their comment on the Danny song. We’re arriving in Luleå tomorrow, and will be bringing you our feedback from the rehearsals on Friday.

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