Melodifestivalen 2011: The first heat results…

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Well we weren’t exactly over the moon with the results, but we can’t deny that it was an absolutely marvellous show. And a very strong heat too – which always meant that some of our favourites were bound to suffer as a result.

In the end, it was Danny’s ‘In The Club’ and Swingfly’s ‘Me & My Drum’ which got the two tickets available direct to the final. Both were deserved too, we have to say. Danny’s song ‘In The Club’ is immense in so many ways, and that’s even before you get to the spectacular performance that him and his dancers gave. Swingfly’s track wasn’t one of our favourites, but it was very good, something different, and clearly connected with a lot of people.

The two songs gaining a place in the second chance round of the competition were Jenny Silver’s ‘Something In Your Eyes’ and ‘Pernilla Andersson’s ‘Desperados’. Jenny Silver’s song we LOVED, but Pernilla’s not so much.

181604 10150133702604747 715904746 7899295 4667821 nThat meant that four songs had to leave the competition, including two of our big favourites – ‘Try Again’ by Dilba, and ‘Oh My God’ by Le Kid. Dilba was left with the unfortunate reality of finishing in 8th place. Although she took the news quite well, and went on to enjoy the rest of the night (which included having a roll around on her hotel bed with scandipop – pictured to the right!), putting a positive spin on the whole experience, which she enjoyed. Le Kid finished in 5th, and again, were the picture of happiness and positivity afterwards. They had a fantastic time, and you could tell they were in their element the whole time. Also out of the competition are Rasmus Viberg’s ‘Social Butterfly’ (6th) and Jonas Matsson’s ‘On My Own’ (7th).

You can watch the performances of the four eliminated songs below. SVT remove any videos of the qualifying songs from youtube until the contest is over, so as not to give the earlier songs a possible advantage, so that’s why we haven’t also included them below.

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Also online now are the studio versions of the 4 eliminated songs. Below, we’ve posted Dilba and Le Kid, as you simply MUST give both of them a listen, they’re fantastic tunes of the finest degree! And it’s been heartening to read quite a lot of good feedback about them online too, a lot of people are loving the songs in stereo, even more than they did live.

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