Melodifestivalen 2011: Our chat with Eric Saade!

In our latest chat with the competition’s artists, we speak to a one Mister Eric Saade! He left Melodifestivalen 2010 as the contest’s biggest new star, and he enters Melodifestivalen 2011 as this year’s big favourite. Betting agencies, fans, and spectators all consider him to be the most likely winner of the contest which starts this weekend. And at the very least, he’s certainly guaranteed a place in the final in March. Although when we spoke to him last Summer, he told us that he would probably wait a long time before doing Melodifestivalen again, if he ever did it again, at that. So we wanted to know what made him change his mind – we assume it’s that the song he’ll be competing with, ‘Popular’, is nothing short of amazing!

We caught up with him briefly at the press conference were his participation was announced, and asked about the song, the performance, plus if we can expect any music from him after that.

scandipop: Eric, welcome back!

Eric: Thank you, thank you.

scandipop: But the last time we spoke and I asked if you’d do Melodifestivalen again, you said possibly, but not for a very long time, as it would be so difficult to top what you achieved with ‘Manboy’. So what’s happened since then to make you change your mind?

Eric: I got hold of a good song, a VERY good song, ‘Popular’ written by Fredrik Kempe. And I was like, “wow, this is really good, this is written for the international market”. And this time I wanna win Eurovision, that’s why I’m here! I’m not here to win Melodifestivalen, I wanna win Eurovision.

scandipop: Ha ha ha, wow, those are some fighting words!

Eric: Ha! So this time……..we wanna win, we’re gonna win!

scandipop: I remember you also saying that you weren’t just concerned about how you were going to top ‘Manboy’ the song, but also ‘Manboy’ the legendary performance that you did last year. So how on Earth are you going to top that?

Eric: I can only say that we definitely will top it. We will.

scandipop: Ok, so what’s the song like, ‘Popular’? I’m guessing and hoping that it’s up-tempo.

Eric: Yep, it’s a really good pop song with a clubby, funky touch. And it’s got a very good Eric sound, I can’t explain it yet, as we’re still working on it and finishing it, it’s not ready yet.

scandipop: And if you could compare it to anything on your first album…….maybe ‘It’s Gonna Rain’ as it’s more clubby?

Eric: Yeah, yeah, actually. ‘It’s Gonna Rain’ and ‘Radioactive’ would be good comparisons.

scandipop: Good, we liked ‘It’s Gonna Rain’ a lot. And so that means that you’re probably working on more new music right now. So will we have another album from you after the contest?

Eric: Yes, we’re actually working on a lot of new music right now. I’m writing a lot of songs with different producers and different songwriters. And I think that a new album will come out maybe in April or May sometime. And there’ll be a new summer tour also.

scandipop: As yes, because you worked yourself so hard this year with the summer tour you did. Did you enjoy it?

Eric: Ha, I loved it! I really loved it. And as I said, I wanna go to Eurovision too – that’s why I’m here.

scandipop: I love the ambition! Ok Eric, well best of luck with everything, and I’ll see you in Linköping.

Eric: Thank you, see you then.

You can read more about his participation at his artist page on SVT’s website (in Swedish). And here, once again is that oh so memorable performance he gave us last year! ‘Manboy’;

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