Melodifestivalen 2010: The songs of heat 4…

On Sunday, 1 minute clips of two of the songs from this weekend’s heat 4 of Melodifestivalen leaked online. They were ‘all over the internet’ within hours, and as a result, SVT had to upload clips of all of the songs so as not to give the two leaked tracks an unfair advantage. So now we can listen to all of them! Here.

As always, there are some great, some good, and some bad. But there are only really two that we don’t particularly like; Noll Discipline’s boring rock-lite ‘Idiot’, and Py Bäckman’s awfully cheap sounding and under produced ‘Magisk Stjärna’. Anna Bergandahl’s ‘This Is My Life’ is a nice sounding ballad, that we’re guessing hasn’t been done justice by the clip that SVT have uploaded. We think we’ll appreciate that one far more when we hear the full thing. The same applies for Peter Jöbak’s ‘Hollow’. We know it’s a complex song that has 4 chord changes (not the rumoured 6), and that short clip can’t possibly do it justice. So we’re looking forward to hearing it in full.

Our favourite is ‘Jag Vill Om Du Vågar’ by Pernilla Wahlgren, closely followed by ‘Human Frontier’ by Neo, and ‘Stop’ by Sibel. Pernilla’s song is schlager, thankfully. And Neo and Sibel’s songs are both uptempo, frantic, electro dance pop. We hope that they don’t cancel each other out, because they both deserve to progress further in the competition.

Finally, Lovestoned’s ‘Thursdays’ is a pleasant pop reggae number that reminds us of Ace of Base and new British band, Waterloo. ALWAYS a good thing in our book, we hope that this manages to qualify to either andra chansen or the final.

This heat isn’t as strong as last week’s, but it’s got six songs that we like, so we’re happy.

Our (always incorrect) prediction;
Direkt til Globen; Peter Jöbak and Sibel
Andra Chansen; Neo and Pernilla Wahlgren

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