Melodifestivalen 2010: The first 27 song titles and composers dissected!


The song titles and composers of the first lot of Melodifestivalen 2010 entries have been published! It’s the first 27 of the 32 – leaving room for the four wildcards and the one space for the controversial ‘web joker’ entry (don’t get us started on that one). Below we’ve highlighted the entries that we’re most intrigued by – based on the composers and what they’ve worked on before.

1. “A place to stay”, text och musik Torben Hedelund.

2. “Doctor, doctor”, text och musik Tony Nilsson och Mirja Breitholtz. Tony has had writing credits on Velvet’s ‘The Queen’, Marie Serneholt’s ‘Disconnect Me’, and Elin Lanto’s ‘Discotheque’.

3. “Headlines”, text och musik Tony Nilsson och Peter Boström. It’s Tony again! And the fact he’s written this one with Peter Bostrom (Da Buzz, Marie Seneholt, Victoria Silvstedt, E-Type, Bosson) excited us a lot!

4. “Heaven or hell”, text och musik Håkan Larsson med flera.

5. “Hippare hoppare”, text och musik Mats Nilsson, Douglas Leon med flera.

6. “Human frontier”, text och musik Tobias Johnsson och Annelie Axelsson. All we know of Annelie is that she sang backing vocals on Afro-Dite’s album! But that’s enough to give us hope!

7. “Hur kan jag tro på kärlek” text Kenneth Gärdestad, musik Tony Malm och Niklas Lundin. This one looks hopeful. Tony Malm has credits on Sandra Oxenryd, Monrose, Emma Andersson, and Lutricia McNeal to his name.

8. “I did it for love”, text, “Dille” Didriksson och musik Christian Wejskog.

9. “Idiot”, text och musik Niklas Jarl och Per Aldeheim. Niklas Jarl has worked on A*Teens, Elin Lanto and Sandra Oxenryd. And Per has been responsible for a lot of Lambretta and Vanilla Ninja.

10. “Innan alla ljusen brunnit ut”, musik Stefan Woddie, text Danne Attlerud. ‘Live Forever’ by Magnus Carlsson was co-written by Danne Attlerud!

11. “Jag vill om du vågar”, Pontus Assarsson, Jörgen Ringkvist med flera. Pontus has an attractive back catalogue of credits – Magnus Carlsson, Friends, Pernilla Wahlgren, and Jessica Folcker!

12. “Magisk stjärna” musik Micke Wennborn och text och musik Py Bäckman. Urgh – Nordman!

13. “Manboy”, Fredrik Kempe, text och musik, Peter Boström, musik. Fredrik Kempe really needs no introduction, his list of pop gems is endless! And it’s Peter Bostrom again. Looking forward to seeing what these two can come up with.

14. “Manipulated”, text och musik Sara Lundbäck, Erik Levander med flera.

15. “Never heard of him”, Figge Boström och Anna Eng text och musik. Wow, Figge – Da Buzz, Jessica Andersson, Marie Serneholt, Lena Philpsson!

16. “Roadsalt”, text och musik Daniel Gildenlöv.

17. “Run”, text och musik Niklas Arn, Gustav Eurén med flera. Niklas – Miio and Markoolio! But the last time these two came together resulted in Brandur City Slickers – not so promising!

18. “Singel”, text och musik Håkan Bäckman med flera.

19. “Stopp”, text och musik Mikaela Stenström och Dimitri Stassos. Dimitri Stassos has been responsible for Sofia in the past.

20. “This is my life”, text och musik Christian Lagerström och Bobby Ljunggren. Bobby is a legend, and his inclusion will almost definitely result in something amazing!

21. “Thursdays”, text och musik Thomas G:son, Peter Boström med flera. *scream* Thomas G:Son!!!! Paired with Peter Bostrom!

22. “Tonight”, text och musik Sharon Vaughn och Anders Hansson. *scream* the last time these two got together was for ‘Release Me’ by Agnes!!!

23. “Underbart”, text och musik Lina Eriksson och Johan Moréus. Lina Eriksson has credits on songs by Marie Picasso and Jessica Andersson, as well as ‘Sweet Kissin In The Moonlight’ by Thorleifs!

24. “Unstoppable”, text och musik Dimitri Stassos, Alexander Kronlund, Ola Svensson med flera. This is obviously an Ola track. But we’re very excited about the inclusion of Alexander Kronlund, who co-wrote ‘Lucky’ by Britney Spears, as well as tracks by *NSync and Robyn!

25. “We can work it out”, text och musik Bobby Ljunggren, Marcos Ubeda och Andreas Johnson. And this is clearly an Andreas Johnson. But we’re heartened by the involvement of Bobby, and also Marcos who’s worked on Magnus Carlsson and Afro-Dite.

26. “Yeba”, text och musik Thomas “Tiny” med flera.

27. “Åt helvete för sent”, text och musik Nina Eriksson, Mårten Eriksson och Susie Päivärinta. *GASP* LILI & SUSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More than enough there to keep us happy! But we’re disappointed by the lack of Henrik Wikstrom and Ingela Forsman. Not to mention the lack of star names. Still, there’s always the four wildcards. In any case, we’re very happy to be back in Melodifestivalen obsession season again!

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