Melodifestivalen: 15 Iconic Interval Acts in 15 Years


Last night’s Melodifestivalen final marked 15 years of the contest in its new format. And they marked it in the best way possible – with an interval act showcasing some of the best entries to comes out of Melodifestivalen in those fifteen years, featuring performances from the likes of Anton Ewald, BWO, After Dark, and Mariette. You can watch the whole spectacle here.

It got us pondering all of the ph’nom interval and opening acts that SVT have put on in those fifteen years of the new contest. Be it comedy, cover versions, or artists medleys, there is no other show like Melodifestivalen for turning what’s supposed to be a wee break into the highlight of the night.

So we’ve gathered together some of our favourites. Fifteen iconic interval acts in fifteen years;


Sweden vs Norway (2010)
As Sweden prepared to send its Melodifestivalen winner to Eurovision in Oslo, a schlager song battle was fought on stage between the Scandinavian neighbours. The blueprint for last night’s extravaganza.

After Dark – Alla Har Ont (2005)
Swedish drag queens sending up Swedish schlager divas and Swedish Eurovision winners. If ever an interval act was tailored towards us…

ABBA Medley (2014)
To celebrate 40 years since ABBA’s Melodifestivalen win with ‘Waterloo’, four former Melodifestivalen winners (Marie Bergman, Malena Ernman, Charlotte Perrelli, and Robin Stjernberg)  do a medley of the supergroup’s hits.

Charlotte Perrelli: Här Står Jag (2016)
A parody of Helene Fischer’s ‘Atemlos Durch Die Nacht’, which heralded the very real need to save the schlager diva. Performed by the Drottning herself.

Alcazar & Danny Saucedo: Alcazar Medley (2013)
That year’s Melodifestivalen host Danny Saucedo joins Alcazar as their fourth member, for a medley of (just some of!) their hits. It’s Danny being given free rein to camp it up through the medium of top notch schlager. And it was glorious.

Darin: Se På Mig (2009)
One of Sweden’s biggest popstars (even back then) made his first appearance on the Melodifestivalen stage performing a cover of the 1995 contest winner. WHY was this never released as a single immediately afterwards?…

Hela Sveriges Fest (2012)
In which Sarah Dawn Finer, Gina Dirawi, and Helena Bergström remind Sweden that Melodifestivalen isn’t just for the gays, you know.

Petra Mede & Jessica Andersson: Musiken i Mitt Hjärta (2009)
Jessica plays the role of fairy Godmother to that year’s host Petra – in which the natural conclusion is of course to perform a version of the 2001 contest winner by Friends.

Hanson, Carson & Malmkvist: ‘Pensionär’ (2013)
The three legends pay homage to the age old trend of covering current hits in Swedish. Eric Saade kan går hem…

Eric Saade Medley (2012)
The reigning winner returned to the final to perform a mash-up of his hit singles – before handing his title over to Loreen.

Pojkbandsfest (2012)
Sarah Dawn Finer and Gina Dirawi sing the Swedish composed hits of the US boybands of the 90s.

Charlotte Perrelli, Nanne Grönvall & Sonja Aldén: Holding Out For A Hero
Because come on – we live for this shit.

Carola Medley (2003)
Three years before ‘Evighet’, and the Schlager Queen returned to the Melodifestivalen stage to remind the nation just what an incredible popstar she is.

Lena Philipsson & Charlotte Perrelli: Flickorna i Småland
The year before Lena PH’s big Melodifestivalen win, the two schlager divas collide on stage. Soundtracked by a disco beat, naturally.

Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Gina Dirawi & Sarah Dawn Finer: Hela Sveriges Sång (2016)
An important performance that showcased a multicultural Sweden in 2016, with traditional Swedish songs performed in four different languages.


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