Melodi Grand Prix 2010 – The Writers!

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So…..this morning NRK revealed the titles and the composers of the 21 songs competing in next year’s Melodi Grand Prix – the competition to find Norway’s entry to the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. But of course fans will know that it’s much more than that. Like Sweden’s Melodifestivalen, it’s a 5 week long entertainment show which gets massive ratings, launches hit songs and artists, and is generally a spectacular competition with glamour, drama, and a stratospheric production budget. Great television AND music.

And this year it’s a good line up. As we revealed last month, Lene Alexandra (pictured above) is there, as are 90’s/00’s British boyband a1. But there are plenty of names in the composers list that get us excited enough, even before the artists have been revealed. Below is the list of songs, composers, and plus we’ve put comments beside the songwriters that we’re particularly interested in, and why.

01. The Touch, music & lyrics: Rolf Løvland…….he’s composed two previous Norwegian winners; ‘Nocture’ and ‘Let It Swing’. Plus, he composed a track on Alexander Rybek’s album.
02. Tokyo Night, Music & Lyrics: Aggie Peterson
03. Don’t Want To Lose You Again, music & lyrics: Ben Adams, Mark Read, Christian Ingebrigtsen, David Eriksen……IT’S THE RETURN OF A1!!!
04. Rewind Love, music & lyrics: Julian Berntzen
05. Life Is Here Today, music & lyrics: Arne Hovda
06. My Heart Is Yours, music & lyrics: Hanne Sørvaag & Fredrik Kempe…….Fredrik needs no introduction around these parts obviously. But we’re equally as excited about Hanne – she composed two of the best tracks on the Same Difference album; ‘Better Love Me’ and ‘Starts To Beat Again’. And ‘Disappear’ by No Angels!
07. Don’t Stop, music & lyrics Mariann Thomassen & Lars Erik Westby……..last year’s MGP participants Surferosa.
08. I’ll Take You High, music & lyrics: Mira Craig…….she composed ‘Hold On Be Strong’ by Maria Haukaas Storeng – Norway’s 2008 Eurovision entry.
09. Be Good To Me, music & lyrics: Tommy LaVerdi & Peter Ställmark
10. Make My Day, music & lyrics: Merethe LaVerdi
11. Jealous Cos I Love You, music: Laila Samuelsen, Alexander Kronlund og Lucas Hilbert, lyrics: Laila Samuelsen, Alexander Kronlund……….Alexander has worked on Britney, Sugababes, Robyn AND on the most recent and brilliant Cyndi Lauper album.
12. European Girl, music: Matias Tellez, lyrics: Håkon Njøten & Axel Vindenes
13. Primadonna, music: Lene Alexandra Øien og Jarl Aanestad, Lene Alexandra Øien, Jarl Aanestad og Simon Walker…….amazing – a return to MGP from the wonderful Lene Alexandra. We already know this is going to be one of our favourites. See also ‘Sillycone Valley’ and ‘Sugar Daddy’ for further evidence of Lene’s genius!
14. Synk Eller Svøm (Sink or swim), music & lyrics: Gaute Ormåsen, Laila Samuelsen & Kim Bergseth
15. Rocketfuel, music & lyrics: Elisabeth Carew & Thomas Eriksen…..Thomas has some excellent credits to his name. He’s composed tracks from the first album by The Saturdays, ‘Dumb Dumb’ by Rachel Stevens, ‘Give Me A Reason’ by Triple 8, and he composed a lot of tracks on Tone Damli Aaberge’s record.
16. The Best Of Me Is You, music & lyrics: Heine Totland, Hans Petter Aaserud & Arne Hovda
17. Barracs On The Hill, music: Fred Endresen, lyrics: Olaf Øwre
18. The Dragontower, music: Arnt Obsidian Grønbech, lyrics: Arnt Obsidian Grønbech, Torbjørn Schei, Vegar Larsen og Robin Isaksen
19. Give It To Me, music & lyrics: Alexander Stenerud……….he composed and performed our favourite MGP entry of last year, ‘Find My Girl’, so we’re very pleased to have him back.
20. Yes Man, music & lyrics: Simone Larsen, Simen Eriksrud & Bjørn Johan Muri
21. Million Dollar Baby, music & lyrics: Robin Nordahl, Frode Andersen & Gerard James Borg………….Mr Borg has composed more excellent Eurovision and National Final songs than we can remember. His name is a very welcome addition here!

This will NEVER get old. Lene Alexandra’s previous MGP entry;

Here are the dates and the locations of the competition;

08.01.2009 – SEMIFINAL 1 @ Ørland
16.01.2009 – SEMIFINAL 2 @ Bodø
23.01.2009 – SEMIFINAL 3 @ Skien
30.01.2009 – SECOND CHANCE @ Sarpsborg
06.02.2009 – MGP FINAL @ Oslo

It’s gonna be a good year we think!

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