Melodi Grand Prix 2010: The next 7 songs online!

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So, clips of the next 7 songs competing in MGP 2010 are now online for everyone to listen to. They’ll all be competing in this weekend’s second heat, with the top two placing songs progressing to the final, and the next two progressing to the second chance round. The bottom three will be eliminated.

7uOgG5LuTugGQRt6OhgXgJQe9aePXXo6U3HHwgqG55wOur favourite is Alexander Stenerud’s ‘Give It To Me’. From the 30 second clip it seems like he’s come up with another schlager dance pop treat in the same vein as his song from last year’s contest, ‘Find My Girl’. Which is exactly what we wanted from him really! Our next favourite is ‘Jealous Cause I Love You’ by Venke Kuntson (pictured right). It’s a sixties tinged pop track, uptempo, modern day motown. And the chorus is delightfully catchy. We really like Hanne Haugsand’s ‘Don’t Stop’ too, but it’s probably going to suffer a lot from being up against Venke. Venke’s song is similar, but infinitely superior. Maria Arredondo and Morten Harket’s daughter, Tomine, provide the two ballads this week. Maria’s ‘The Touch’ is the more traditional, overblown, Eurovision style ballad (our favourite kind of ballad naturally!) of the two, whereas Tomine’s is more atmospheric, moody and relies mostly on a heavy piano melody. Both sound strong and we expect both to do well. We can’t see either of these being knocked out on Saturday. And then the final two songs, by Heine Totland and Skanksters, really aren’t up our street at all.

Our prediction for the weekend is;

Bottom Three: Skanskters, Heine Totland, and Hanne Haugsand
Through to 2nd chance round: Alexander Stenerud and Maria Arredondo
Through to the final: Tomine Harket and Venke Knutson

You can listen to the songs here

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