Medina: ‘Synd For Dig’ – ELOQ remix feat. KIDD

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A remix has been made of Medina’s sublime single from late last year, ‘Synd For Dig’. And her and her record label are so psyched about it, they’ve even gone and filmed a brand new video for it. That’s no small beans, considering the rather large budget that was spent on the original video.

This remix isn’t a club remix. Or a pop remix. The original ‘Synd For Dig’ does both of those genres more than well enough as it is. Instead, this remix darkens things quite considerably. It’s not quite dubstep – but it is halfway there. Or maybe even halfway beyond, who knows.

Either way it’s an enjoyable new interpretation of the song, if you loved the melody and the vocal of the original. Oh and don’t worry – the key change has been kept intact, and somehow manages to sound even more dramatic here. A remix with its priorities right;

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