Medina: ‘Jalousi’

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Danish pop QUEEEEEEEN Medina returned yesterday with her first new music in an age. And a video too. It’s her brand new single ‘Jalousi’ (we’ll leave it to you to work out what that means in English).

A touch different from pretty much anything we’ve heard from Medina before. Like, ever. Gone are the pounding synths of her uptempo bangers, as is the gloomy beauty of her downtempo heartwrench-a-thons. In their place we have a mid-tempo guitar pop track in which she actually sounds….well….happy. Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. This is not good. Blatantly under the influence of her new love – fellow Danish pop icon Christopher. She’s either sounding this way because she so blissfully enamoured, or because he’s been forcing her to listen to his first album. Either way – she might be happy, but we sure as hell are not. There’s even an unholy twang of Country music in the middle eight. Which will just not do. Medina, pull yourself together.

Thankfully this doesn’t herald the beginning of what’s to be an unbearable new era from her. Instead, it’s just the lead offering from her forthcoming live album. So let’s just get that out of the way so that we can have the real Medina back.

(‘Jalousi’ is actually quite good btw tbh – it’s just not regular levels of Medina amazing)

The single is out now and has been released outside of Denmark too. Don’t let our moaning put you off – here’s the vid;


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