Remember that track ‘Kun For Mig’ by Medina that we wrote about a few times earlier in the year? We can’t endorse this amazing song enough, so here it is again;

Well it’s been remixed for the UK and is being released here! *scream* The new version is called ‘You & I’ and it received its first play on Pete Tong’s show on Radio 1 over the weekend.

Also, after spending almost a six month residency in the Danish top 10 this year, it’s now been sampled by a rapper called L.O.C. over there. It was released last week and is already the biggest selling song in Denmark at the moment. What’s amusing is that in order for Medina to authorise the sample and its release, she’s obviously requested that she still gets top billing for the remix, despite the fact that she’s contributed minimal vocals to it! The majority of the song is L.O.C. rapping over ‘Kun For Mig’s backing track. In our opinion, it completely spoils the original. But the remix obviously wasn’t made for folk with our tastes, and the Danes are evidently loving it! Here it is;

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