Me & My Microphone goes All Around The World – to the UK!

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FINALLY we have some UK news about September!

As with the rest of the world outside of Scandinavia, ‘Me & My Microphone’ has been picked up as the first single from ‘Love CPR’. The song was finally made available in the US last Tuesday, through her label Robbins. And as for the UK – well she’s no longer signed to Dance Nation, or indeed any of the Ministry of Sound labels. Instead, ‘Me & My Microphone’ will be released by All Around The World. Very soon. AATW were of course the first UK label to pick September up in the mid noughties, when they released ‘Satellites’, before her Dance Nation deal.

She’s actually in London RIGHT NOW. And finalising plans to make not one, but TWO new pop videos. One for ‘Me & My Microphone’ of course, and the other for her next single in Scandinavia – ‘Party In My Head’. Both will go into production and be ready “ASAP” we’ve been told.

Finally, back to Sweden, where some impressive new stats emerged today about her sales there. Her ‘Love CPR’ album has now sold platinum status, as has one of the most popular songs from the album in its own right – ‘K√§rlekens Tunga’. And ‘Mikrofonk√•t’ has now gone four times platinum! Amazing.

Let’s take a listen to ‘Me & My Microphone’ again, shall we?!

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