Martina Aitolehti: ‘Red Light On’

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You might remember Finland’s very own Katie Price, from when we wrote about her back in February. And if you don’t, well lucky you – you get the joy of discovering the many delights she embodies for the very first time. How we wish we could re-live that feeling over and over again!

Martina Aitolehti is so up our street, she’s practically slumped in our doorway, drunk dialling us to get in at 4am on a Sunday morning! Pure trash. We love it. And with her latest single, ‘Red Light On’, she’s taken her frayed form of fabulousness to another level, and is displaying it all in a pop video. And what a display it is. We think our favourite Martina role is when she plays the car mechanic. Surely the hottest mechanic in pop since Girls@Play (didn’t) rule the roost?

It’s obviously a hot mess of the hottest and messiest order. However, at the heart of it all is the song itself, which actually… a way…..if you think about it…..tilt your head a little to the left……and cross your eyes……isn’t bad at all. It’s actually quite catchy. We like it anyway.

Below is the video for you to marvel at, and then underneath that we’ve embedded a live performance of the song (yes, LIVE!) which commands a very different kind of marveling! And while you’re watching the latter, keep in mind Martina’s latest claim to the Finnish media – she wants to represent Finland at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest!

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