Martin Stenmarck: ‘Glas, Betong och Cement’

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Martin Stenmarck has released a brand new single in his native Sweden. Following on from Melodifestivalen 2014’s ‘När Änglarna Går Hem’ and its follow-up ‘Sommarbarn’, the new single is ‘Glas, Betong och Cement’.

It falls into our favourite kind of Martin Stenmarck single category – when he goes a bit dancepop on us. There’s some seriously swish synth going on here. A gloriously epic synth that builds and builds throughout certain points of the song (you’ll know what we mean when you hear it), a RAVE middle eight, and a triumphant, climatic finish. All that alongside what’s a hugely uplifting chorus melody (the main lyric to which translates as Martin saying that he’s going to keep on dancing) makes for a proper awesome pop song. Easily the best thing he’s released since ‘Tonight’s The Night’ all those years ago. And very much in the same vein.

‘Glas, Betong och Cement’ was written by Martin himself, along with Adel Dahdal and Fredrik Hermansson.

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