Martin Rolinski – the handsome bastard – today follows up his Melodifestivalen hit ‘In & Out Of Love’, with a brand new single. ‘On The Run’.

It’s a song that itself sounds like it could have been cock of the walk on that Melodifestivalen stage. Thanks in part to it being quite amazing, but also because of those dramatic BOOM BOOM BOOM sounds that herald the beginning of the chorus. We live for shit like that.

Both the tempo and the energy have been increased tenfold from his previous singles ‘Blame It On A Decent Matter’ and ‘In & Out Of Love’. It sounds like a cross between what he used to put out with BWO, and what he used to compete against in Melodifestivalen as a member of BWO – Star Pilots. Fast paced dance pop with a soaring melody that’s about as subtle as a litre of yoghurt being chucked against the window of a perspex box.

It’s a fantastic song. And an exciting glimpse into what this long awaited debut solo album of his is going to sound like.

Here’s the 90 second preview that’s streaming on Swedish iTunes;

[audio:|titles=On The Run preview]

‘On The Run’ has been written by Pontus Karlsson and Jakke Erixson. It was released today, in Sweden only.

On the Run - Single - Martin Rolinski


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