Martin Rolinski: ‘Golden Rays’ (new single!)

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The last of the Martin Roklinski EP previews today, and we finish off with what’s to be the new single – ‘Golden Rays’.

Funnily enough what with it being the new single and all that, it’s also the best of the three new songs too. Very different from anything he’s released before, and so not what we were expecting from him at all. It’s an anthemic, electro, tribal, folky, mid-tempo torch song kind of thing. Quite eccentric. With verses that are a bit like ‘Wrecking Ball’, and a big choral chorus that anchors the whole thing. It’s that “whoah-oh-oooohhhhhhhh” that forms the basis of the song, and that stays in your head afterwards. And it’s a very good tune to have in your head. All-join-hands-and-sing-it-together kind of fare. You’ll know what we mean when you here it. Which will be in the next few seconds…..

A preview;

[audio:|titles=Golden Rays preview]

‘Golden Rays’ was written by Martin Rolinski along with Johan Åsgärde, Mattias Frändå, and Oliver Lundström. And it was produced by those last three as well.

The EP AND the single comes out next Wednesday, November 20th. And the video for ‘Golden Rays’ is released next Friday. Here he is performing the full song on Swedish television this week;



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