Mariette: ‘If Only I Can’

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Swedish singer Mariette Hansson has just put out this stunner of a single and video. Some of you may know Mariette from her time in Swedish Idol 2009, and others may know her from the other moniker under which she used to release music – Maryjet. But this is her first single as Mariette.

‘If Only I Can’ is the song. A veritable megaballad. One of those heart wrenching melodies that culminates in what you assume is going to be the middle eight, before it collapses under the weight of its own tearful drama, and suddenly closes the song down. It all gets a bit too much! But it’s amazing. And it’s one of those songs that you need to play again as soon as it ends. Once you compose yourself, that is. Best bit = the “ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah” that’s dotted around the song, within the intro and used a post-chorus.

We could never quite get on board with her output as Maryjet for some reason. But ‘If Only I Can’ is a good step in the right direction for her, and we’re going to be keeping an eye on her from now on.

The song was written by Mariette Hansson, Joacim Dubbelman, and Niklas Edberger. And produced by: Fredrik Samsson. It doesn’t seem to be on iTunes yet.

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