Marie Munroe: ‘Like A Drumbeat’

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You MUST listen to this absolute corker that found its way into our inbox this week. An electropop gem from a Norwegian lady (see – you’re loving it already, aren’t you?) Marie Munroe.

‘Like A Drumbeat’ is the debut single from Marie Munroe under that artist moniker. She used to be called Hilde Marie Kjersem (and we’d hazard a guess that she still is, to her family and friends), but Hilde Marie Kjersem as an artist is no more. So we’re imagining (and hoping) that this is the start of something big.

‘Like A Drumbeat’ is eighties influenced electro that has oodles in common with Marie’s domestic contemporaries, so it’s already off to a good start. We’d say it’s up there with Annie from Bergen and Margaret of Berger. Although the main difference between them is that ‘Like A Drumbeat’ doesn’t match the darkness of those two at their best, and is instead a more bright and bubbly offering. No bad thing though.

Our only gripe with the song is that we wished it last longer. So that’s a good sign. And what we mean by wishing it lasted longer, is that just before it ends it goes into what is an (unfortunately too short) outro in which the production is given even more of a chance to shine, alongside a quite frankly BEAUTIFUL “ah-ah-ahhhhh” vocal. It’s very dreamy. And it would have been perfect had it lasted another half minute or so. But that’s probably just us being greedy fuckers.

Here’s ‘Like A Drumbeat’;

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