At last week’s Eldsjälsgalan, it wasn’t just Eric Saade and Nanne Grönvall delighting Swedish television viewers, oh no! Also in attendance were two fine young artists imported from Sweden’s two neighbouring Scandinavian lands – Maria Mena from Norway, and Mads Langer from Denmark.

They got together to perform a song together. And not for the first time either. It’s a song that Mads actually duets on with Maria, for her latest album, ‘Viktoria’. ‘Habits’ is its name, and in its aforementioned recording it really is one of the most beautiful new songs we’ve heard over the last few months. Maria’s vocal on the first verse in particular – stops, touches, and melts with its inimitable fragility. This song is packing the sadness and the softness, and it makes us weak in a way we quite enjoy.

We have no idea if this is being released as a single, but in any case, its performance last week has caused the song to already become Maria’s 3rd most listened to song on Spotify in Sweden.

Below you can watch in warmth as the two songsters give it a trill;

(oh, and we’ve written about Maria quite a lot on here before. But here’s a little bit we wrote about Mads Langer early last year, should you be needing an introduction to him)

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