Margaret Berger: ‘Human Race’

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Margaret Berger. Two albums endeared her to an army of electropop fans. Then she went quiet for a bit. Then she came back with a song. Then she went quiet for another little bit. Then she attempted to enter Eurovision for Norway. And everyone went WTF! Then they heard her song, ‘I Feed You My Love’. Then they went WOW! Then she won. And she competed for Norway at Eurovision. And she finished in a respectable 4th place after a stunning performing. And now more people love her than ever before.

What’s next?

New single ‘Human Race’. Released today. And soon to be followed by her third album. Hooray!

On the new single, she’s not too happy with how we’ve all turned out. “I don’t know where I lost my faith….help me escape the human race“. It’s a song about wanting to find your innocence again, after growing up and realising what goes on in the world – and wanting out. This is all set to a suitably post-apocalyptic backdrop of harsh electronic sounds and gloomy sci-fi blips and bleeps. A production that follows on from the chugging electro of ‘I Feed You My Love’. With it being Ms Berger though, the negativity of the lyric is dressed up in a sparkling pop melody. And that makes for a very good song.

‘Human Race’ is written by three of the four composers behind ‘I Feed You My Love’ – Margaret Berger, Robin Lynch, and Nicklas Olovsson. Have a listen;


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