Margaret Berger: ‘4-E.V.E.R.L.O.V.E.’

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Margaret Berger continues to impress with whatever she’s been getting up to while making that long awaited third album of hers. Back in February we got the first single, ‘In A Box’. Then in March we got that song’s video. Back then some people also perhaps ordered the 7inch vinyl of the single, and got their hands on its b-side ‘4-E.V.E.R.L.O.V.E.’. We didn’t though, so we only got to listen to it last week, when the good lady herself uploaded it to her soundcloud account.

And what do we think of it?

Well, it’s very good. But that’s more or less a given with Margaret Berger material, so let’s be more specific than that. Ok, it’s a subdued clubkid on a Monday morning, slumped in a stylish squat somewhere in London in late 1994. Tired from a weekend of dancefloor pilgrimages, but still not quite ready to let the music stop playing. And with just enough energy left within her to barricade herself within these last few hours of audio euphoria, before battling off the weekly intruders and the impending threat of Britpop.

Yeah, something along those lines;

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