March to a Uniform Beat!

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We like brand new Swedish record label Uniform Beat. A lot.

They focus on electronic and dance music, they release everything worldwide at the same time, and despite the fact that it’s only been a few months since their conception, they’re already responsible for giving us one of THE best songs of the year so far – Smith & Thell’s ‘Kill It With Love’. They’re also behind another great track that we’ve featured on this site before, ‘Dancing In My Head’ by Goldfinger & Script.

ANYWAY. Next week they’re forging ahead with a big release – their very first compilation album. It’s called ‘March to a Uniform Beat vol.1’, and serves to introduce both their roster of artists, and also the creative pool of talent that they’re working with. It also gives music fans a good idea of what the label is about. And if we hadn’t already known it for a fact, this album would certainly make sure we mark Uniform Beat down as a label to keep an ear on in future.

The compilation is a fresh blend of commercial pop, dance, and electronica. Some songs are absolute highlights (we gravitated towards tracks 1, 4, 5, 9, and 12), some songs will be better suited to certain tastes than others, but above all it’s a well put together showcase of not just what this new Uniform Beat label is making, but also of what independent synth music is sounding like in certain sections of Sweden right now.

The album is released on iTunes worldwide on June 4th, but we do believe the full thing is up on Spotify right now. And below are lengthy previews of each track;

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