Man Meadow: ‘Kill The Dance Floor’

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Swedish dancepop duo Man Meadow are back with a brand new single that they’ve just released. Over the years the faithful duo have been soldiering on and releasing infrequent gems here and there. From ‘Viva La Musica’ and ‘Love Is Gonna Get You’ in the early days, to ‘How Does It Feel’ and ‘Overflow’ more recently. ‘How Does It Feel’ has turned out to be our favourite of the bunch though. What a song.

New single is ‘Kill The Dancefloor’, and it’s an acoustic folk ballad. Erm….not really. Of course it’s not! It’s another dancepop track that’s high on the synths-icity and low on the authenticity. It’s actually even so far as being a little bit harder than what we’re used to hearing from Man Meadow. They’ve been All Clubbed Up. But the retro camp element that’s somewhat become their trademark by now is all there – so we know it’s the boys. Even if this is perhaps their least Man Meadow and most generic sounding release to date.

Like all good Man Meadow songs that have gone before, ‘Kill The Dancefloor’ comes with a SoundFactory remix which is quite the banger. Listen to that on Spotify.

‘Kill The Dancefloor’ is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too. Here’s the video, which features the sculpted members in pants. Man Meadow members, that is.



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